Streamline AI Support with Human Expertise

Assist your bot with a human handover when it encounters a challenging conversation that only your human agents can answer.

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Timely Handling of Complex Queries

If a chat becomes frustrating or complex, AI can trigger a handover to a human agent, ensuring timely intervention and a more personalized touch.

Contextual Handoff for Faster Resolutions

AI chatbots gather valuable data throughout the conversation (past interactions, browsing behavior) then are passed smoothly to human agents, allowing them to jump right in and resolve issues faster.

Precise Routing & Expert Support

Create dedicated agent teams based on expertise. When a customer's inquiry requires specialized attention, AI can automatically route the chat to the most qualified agent, ensuring the customer receives the best possible support.

AI & Human Collaboration

AI takes care of repetitive tasks and provides valuable insights, allowing humans to focus on complex issues and build stronger customer relationships.

Without Human Handover

With Human Handover

Build AI & Human Agents for Exceptional Customer Service

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